Sunday, February 05, 2006

In the Wake of Danish Cartoons: Freedom of the Press and Journalistic Responsiblity

While this observer does not have any desire to set limits on freedom of expression and freedom of the press, it goes without saying that journalism is a profession that has a profound effect on people's lives and inclinations.
It is imperative that journalism and the press must entail an important responsibility to insure that the journalistic output should serve a meaningful purpose and work to enhance freedom, world peace and respect for the rights of all decent peace loving people in this world.
It is not yet clear why a Danish (and other European) elements of the press would find it in their best interest to produce provocative and intimidating material that work to create suspicions and ill feelings amongst a sizable share of the world's population. Isn't it enough that the so called "War on Terror" has victimized the Moslems of the world on a scale never before witnessed by any elements of the world's population?
What sane logic and what professional astuteness can explain the desire of deranged journalists, who probably haven't the faintest idea about Islam or Moslems, to seek to enrage faithful Moslems by transcending the boundaries of responsible journalism, and misuse the privilege of free "expressions of opinion" to serve evil inclinations of a mysterious foreboding that reeks of an ominous nature and works toward counterproductive consequences.
Yes, the privilege of a free press is one of the greatest gains in the management of public affairs, but then the press, like any other profession that touches on people's lives en masse, has its ethical mores and sphere of responsible behavior and conduct as well. As a vital public service, the different press media must ensure that they adhere to their sacred mission of providing informative and meaningful output that does not infringe upon the sanctities of religious and spiritual beliefs of any religious congregation. The press is a medium of disseminating meaningful information that helps to bring people closer together, rather than to plant the seeds of hostility between people. When the latter is a consequence of apparently uncalled for hate mongering and initiating biases and stereotypes, then surely one can categorically state that cartoons depicted by heretofore unknown persons, who probably has never done anything of substance that contributes to the welfare of their own people, let alone other peoples of the world. What has Islam done to our hate mongering cartoonists of Europe, who seem to be energized by a systematic, deliberate and planned campaign to foment hatred of Islam for ulterior motives, engineered by people, with whom international peace and cohesion are the farthest thing on their mind.
What is bugging the forces that stand behind such an ugly campaign? While many would shrug off the idea of a "conspiracy theory" behind all this, there is no escape from asserting that there are well entrenched institutional forces at work that thrive on the world remaining in perpetual conflict.
It is no secret that the end of the Soviet bloc has created a vacuum for these forces, that used to thrive on their claims to work for the defense of "western ideals and principles" and Israel was portrayed as an important factor in the East – West balance of power that prevailed in the Cold War. Israel and her international supporters in the international Zionist Establishment were able to generate much of the backing (to exaggerated levels), which Israel enjoyed during the Cold War and the aftermath of the "Holocaust" (which has been made to appear to be a tragedy monopolized by Jews, by the very same establishment).
With most Europeans, according to many polls, finding Israel the leading cause of disturbances in the Holy Land and Israeli aggressive policy in Palestine to be the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East, the International Zionist Establishment has worked diligently to upset any positive advances in relations between the European public and the Moslem World. There is no reason to believe that these ugly menacing jabs at Moslem beliefs and convictions, disguised as "free expressions of opinion" are the latest of the efforts by the IZE to create an aura of friction between the Europeans and the Moslems of the world (which they have succeeded to considerable length in the US), so as to create a bipolar cultural aura of antagonism that both Europe and the Moslem World could do well without.
Of course, freedom of the press should be protected at all costs and by all means, but responsible journalism should not succumb to the proddings of evil Zionist dogmatists, who would not stop at anything to further their evil intentions in the Holy Land and the rest of the world. The missions of responsible journalism are not served by the instigation of conflict on a global scale by cheap provocatory techniques, which the IZE is working actively to make generic throughout Europe.
The United States has imposed directly or indirectly certain guidelines on press freedom in the name of fighting terror, but when it comes to victimization of Moslems throughout the world, the War on Terror is forgotten. What logic is there in providing the rationale for extremists to unleash their unorthodox methods of reacting to such distasteful provocations and intimidations, which are unproductive in any efforts to end "terrorism", which to the proponents of this war simply means "Islamic terrorism"?
One would think that the European governments would not easily become gullible in thinking that they should uphold such degenerate tasteless work, disguised as "freedom of expression", when such work produces the antithesis of the "War on Terror".
Moslem communities and peace loving advocates in Europe and throughout the world should actively seek judicial rulings that obviate the harm to Moslem communities that such intimidating journalistic efforts cause and surely the right of religious freedom are more important than the rights of degenerate journalists, who can be bought with nickels and dimes by a well resourced IZE and their opportunistic allies.