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Mr. President: Yemen is Not a Slaughterhouse for You and Your Kin

1) At moment of first posting (2:30 PM) the butchers of the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh killed 30 people and wounded over 200 in the Square of Change in the City of Sana'a. All victims were unarmed and had just completed Friday prayers. The victims were all peaceful young protestors demanding the fall of the Ali Abdulla Saleh regime, which has ruled for over 32 years.
2) By sunset (6:30 PM), the number of killed in Bloody Friday has risen to 45 and the wounded to over 250. Doctors in the Field Hospital at the site state that the shots were aimed for the head, neck and chest.
Appareently, he did not heed my plea below:

Yemen Times Issue No. 1450
March 14, 2011
By Hassan Al-Haifi

For thirty-three years, Ali Abdullah Saleh and his band of thugs has been allowed to turn this decent and peace loving country into a bloodbath for the President and his team of mobsters so that they can take possession of all its resources and to bleed it out of every cell of conscientiousness. Mr. Saleh and his band of highway robbers and hired killers have turned murder, theft and sheer gut force as the only way to rule a once peaceful God-fearing nation and make it subservient to no more than cutthroat butchers. For more than three decades, Saleh and his gang continue to insist that mob rule is the only way to ensure that Saleh and his mobsters can escape from any accountability for all the evil they have introduced into a once innocent society as if this nation was a piece of cake they can devour, without even having to wash their hands from all the blood they have shed to get Saleh to his throne and keep him there.
What happened last Saturday morning in the heart of the City of Sana'a – the traditional City of Peace – surely is not the behavior of sensible men of state, but the behavior of hungry vampires thirsty for the blood of humankind to satisfy their unquenchable urge to see their fellow citizens begging for their mercy to have their lives spared. For a third of a century, the regime spent all the resources of the country to amass every conceivable tool of death and destruction to ensure its infinite longevity – and deprive their people from even achieving subsistent existence. This regime and its filthy "official" mouthpieces continued to twist the facts to suit their unabashed exploitation of the goodness of their people and good faith that these people once had (for a very short while indeed), only to turn around and explain their failure to carry out their end of the social contract on the lack of respect that their people have for their deified existence. For thirty three years, Saleh continued to kill, maim and displace his countrymen not just by individuals but en masse, with scores of massacres that have spanned the length and width of Yemen to the point that have driven even "great powers" like the United States to do his killing for him, while he would unabashedly take the credit for such unholy deeds. On the eve of the massacre on the Square of Change (last Friday night), reports were coming to this observer that the thugs of the regime and disguised security men were being deployed in all the streets branching out of the Street of Change and driving even residents in the interior of the streets away and preventing them from returning to their homes until they paid bribes to these thugs. This is the kind of society Ali Abdullah Saleh has created in Yemen, where terror is the rule and not the exception, nor is it the work of bands of so called Al-Qaeda murderers. After all, it is Saleh, who has a perpetual love affair with Al-Qaeda and extremism and who uses this booby man skillfully to embezzle the United States and the other gullible western powers of all the armaments and legitimacy he needs to keep his tight grip on his people.
It is impossible to believe that President Barak Obama would send ambassadors to this country, who are unable to see that Ali Abdullah Saleh is the major terrorist of the region only half way equaled by Muammar Qadhafi and Omar Al-Bashir, both of who also insist that they have the right to irrigate the lands they purport to rule with the blood of their subjects to guarantee the perpetuity of this right. Mr. President, it is bad enough that your administration takes its very slow time in assessing the enormous harm that these masters of death, destruction and mayhem are doing not only to the interests of the United States, but to the peace and tranquility of the entire world. Mr. President, please be informed that it is these men who are responsible for nurturing the "terrorism" you appear to dread and it is they and their Saudi mentors who brought terrorism to your turf at the World Trade Center and your Ministry of Defense, the Pentagon. It is Saleh and his security apparatus that have made Yemenis incapable of voicing even the weakest complaint against the pilferage of the Presidents' relatives of the state treasury and all the resources of the land, while half of their countrymen live below the world poverty line of less than US $ 2 a day. If that is not enough, it is the Saleh regime that then takes advantage of the misery of these destitute fellow countrymen and hire them out as armed "loyalists" to support his security machine in its various manifestations, as they storm the tents of peaceful unarmed demonstrators and rain these courageous sincere hopeless youth of Yemen, hungry for freedom and a decent life, with bullets and lethal gases of unknown origin and assault them with the latest state of the art torture utensils. If this is what Ali Abdulla Saleh wants us to remember him by when he leaves (now or tomorrow), he is mistaken, because tyrants of his like are usually thrown into the garbage bins of history and lauded with curses every time their names are mentioned.
By the way, it is worth passing a note of congratulations to the recent appointments of the Yemen Embassy in Washington, all of whom are sons and nieces of His Excellency the President. Such appointments are understandable, since it would not be appropriate for such young children of the ruling family to be witnesses to the murderous exploits of their fathers and uncles as they guarantee the smooth takeover of every meaningful position in Government to their close of kin at home and as they eliminate the true patriotic youth of the country, who are guilty of nothing except saying, "Mr. Saleh, enough is enough; for God's sake, if you truly believe in the Al-Mighty, pack your bags and leave us with some peaceful moments to cherish for a change".
As these words are written, the thugs of His Excellency's regime continue their murderous attack on the proud and patriotic youth of Yemen, in Sana'a and the brave cities of Ta'ez, Aden, Sa'ada and Mukalla, who thought that there is still some respect in this world for the people who struggle and sacrifice their lives so they and their fellow citizens can live free and with dignity. But the story seems to be the same from Wisconsin to Capitol Hill to the streets of Zawiya, it is the rule of the gun that is respected and allowed to prevail even if the whole country is turned into a slaughterhouse.

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