Saturday, April 17, 2010

Israel is Just Being Israel-No Hope For Peace

By Hassan Al-Haifi

Many people may have been somewhat baffled by the continued misconduct of Israel over the last couple of months. Yet some people, who are continuously up to date on the events of the region are hardly shaking their heads, except at the naïve look of surprise of the former, who still insist that it is alright for Israel to cross all the red lines of acceptable human behavior! In such a world, it is hard to believe that anyone can actually be viewed as aspiring to live in peace at all with its neighbors or for that matter with the rest of the world. Human nature has taught most observers that those who embark on an agenda driven by arrogance, chauvinism and contempt for the rights of others surely cannot be expected to live in honorable good standing. Come to think of it, when has Israel and the International Zionist Movement ever behaved in an honorable way? A state with an ongoing dirty record of behavior and conduct will never be expected to live in peace with its neighbors. The people of the countries that comprise Israel's proximate neighbors have continuously seen how the criminal establishment, which created this cancer of evil in the midst of the Holy Land, continues to depend on evil to not just "survive", but to go further with its yet unfinished agenda of wrenching the Holy Land of all its God ordained purity and sanctity, with which this part of the world is blessed
How can a "state" that relies on fraudulent tactics, even if at the sleazy expense of ridiculing its best of allies, be expected to really want to live in peace, when it uses these tactics to carry out a bizarre act of cold blooded murder within a state it supposedly wants to live in peace with? Yet this is Israel, in case anyone did not know.
How can a "state", which relies on mercilessly starving the people it originally uprooted from their indigenous homeland and drove them into prison enclaves, which the state continues to bite off piece by piece, until eventually the remaining living Palestinians have been wiped out of existence or will have no place to call home, ever be considered as a bona fide good member of the international community?
How can a "state", which thinks that its destructive and evil intentioned agenda prevails over the expectations, interests and whatever genuine and sincere efforts are pursued by some of its best "friends" at bringing stability to an area that serves as the most important strategic and well resourced region of the world?
The keen observers of events in the region and the world at large are fully aware that Israel and the International Mob that continues to unequivocally feed it with all the nutrients it needs, material or otherwise, to carry on with its murderous agenda, can never be trusted to coexist in peace with its neighbors. They also know that Israel will continue to work towards tuning the Holy Land into one giant synagogue and any hopes of peace that anyone may have cannot be expected to permit such chauvinistic cravings to be pursued. This is especially so, when such demagogic aspirations are bound to be at the expense of the religious rights and beliefs of the other "shareholders" in the holiness of the Holy Land. A look at what Israel is doing in Jerusalem now the nearly 1000 churches and mosques, which Israel has destroyed over the years, underscores this reality of the holy intentions in the Zionist agenda.
For the astute observers all that Israel is committing against foe or "enemy" is the normal behavior that has come to characterize this icon of mob rule even from before its existence as a duly recognized state. One must bear in mind that this recognition itself came as a result of diplomatic arm twisting and sleazy pressure tactics in the international forum that granted this recognition – a product of the blind justice that the international community continues to mete out for the sake of Israel and her robber baron friends, whose influence is widespread throughout the economic and financial institutions, which energize the economy of the world.
Israel has no intentions of seeking peace in the Middle East or anywhere else for that matter. It continuously steers its sponsors, allies and friends from one war to another in order to insure this cancer the longevity it needs to keep all of humanity in jitters, chaos and confusion so it can continuously cream off the resources of the world to quench its draculan thirst.
Of course President Barack Obama of the United States will fail in bringing peace to the Middle East just like his predecessors intentionally or unknowingly failed. In fact, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the United States last week making it clear that Washington or anyone else should not waste their time on such useless efforts. Israel simply does not want peace and cannot have peace. In the agenda Israel thrives on and lives on, widespread suffering, destruction and mayhem must prevail in the region. Otherwise, how can the dirty germs that continue to gnaw at the chastity of the Holy Land render it completely out of tune with the spiritual stanza that makes it holy to more than two thirds of the population of the world, who have no place in the Zionist agenda?
But then, the world should never forget to be grateful to Capitol Hill for the unflinching support to a chauvinistic culture, even if at the expense of American interests, prestige and standing in the international community. Better yet, it would be more reasonable to suggest that the US Congress should be holding its sessions in a new chamber to be built aside the Israeli Knesset. After all, the only matter in which agreement can be found between Democrats and Republicans in Capitol Hill is on anything and everything that AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Although Mrs. Hillary Clinton is pleadingly but unsuccessfully trying, just as her husband once failed to crown his legacy by, hopes for a Middle East peace deal are as unrealistic as they ever were. The International Zionist Movement is simply not ready or desirous for such peace.
On another note, one should not expect anything to come out of the impotent Arab World leaders meeting in Libya this week, even in this humiliating times for the Arab World. But then that is another story which has its own sordid explanation.

Yemen Times 1350
March 29, 2010