Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Tribute to Rachel Corrie and all the Innocent Victims of Israeli Occupation

The Murder Goes On and On

"In Gaza and the West Bank, not much has changed!" wrote a very dear friend. Yes the West Bank and Gaza continue to manifest a do all you want attitude for the Israeli Offense Forces (deceivingly misnamed the Israeli Defense Forces or IDF), as they proceed with their relentless campaign to turn the Holy Land into an all Jewish enclave. Under disguise of wishy-washy excuses this murder tool and the other associate instruments of the International Zionist Movement carry on with sneaky drone attacks, death squad booby traps, sniper fire, bulldozers and well planned and hidden ordnances designed to inflict the most amount of killing and bodily harm on mostly innocent Palestinians and Arabs, and others wherever they may be found, if they stand to hinder the Zionist agenda in one way or another.
Thanks to the closed-eye attitude of Israel's protector, the United States, Israel continues to think that it has an indefinite right to kill, maim, injure and destroy anything living or erected in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East, if it regards such things (living or dead) as obstacles to its Zionist dream of an Israel that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates and a hundred miles to the North, South, East and West of that. Never mind that Israel's very existence is questionable under all legal, heavenly and international ordinances and the world would eventually be held to account for sanctioning such an existence and all the havoc this has brought on to the world for the last 100 years or so (yes, folks since the end of World War I and not since the issuance of the UN unjust partition of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state in 1947 as many suggest). In the guise of international legitimacy, according to the Law of Might Makes Right, the Israelis believe that they have the right to enter any Palestinian home, any Arab country, and any regional overpass and unleash their deadly bombs or incinerate their planted ordnances on the unexpecting and mostly innocent victims they were destined to strike.
This classic arrogance should have died long ago with the Roman Empire, with the Crusades and with the Mongols under Hulaku and the other Tatar leaders from Genghis Khan onwards, and even with the international effort to turn back the ugly chauvinist culture of Adolf Hitler as recently as sixty-five years ago. But alas, some of the victims of this arrogance have now been afflicted with the same Nazi mentality of kill, maim and destroy as long as it advances the devious cause that Zionism has come to propagate and insist on forcefully implanting in the Holy Land. With all the efforts of the Zionist propaganda machine, the Israelis are still insisting that their rights transcend all the moral fabric of human society developed over centuries of Heavenly scriptures, including their very own scriptures, which they have twisted and corrupted to justify all their evil undertakings (see this link, all human moral rulings and all international agreements and conventions that have helped the development of an international order that relies on sound moral standards and dictates. Israel regards itself as free from adherence to such regulatory dictates and even conscientious foreboding. Several international voices of conscience cry out that Israel has overstepped all limitations of "self-defense" or "legitimate" warfare by its unholy continuous occupation of the remainder of Palestine (having yet to settle its unholy acquisition and invasion of the land that has become to be regarded as "Israel proper") and its relentless reliance on the use of illegal or murderously intolerable weapons of mass destruction. Yet, Israel regards itself above all these voices after having already regarded itself above the voice of God and created its own Devine "promises" and distorted the Covenants of the Tribe of Israel with God. So recently with all this talk of possibly presenting Israel to international forums of justice, the Zionist entity has declared itself untouchable by any international or national forums of litigation, on the basis that its own judicial system is above standard and capable of enforcing all forms of judicial rulings set out by its own "civil code".
To that, all that one can say is "hogwash". Israel has no civilized code to speak of when it has sanctioned the wanton killing, injuring and maiming of Palestinian and Arab blood for the last 100 years if that stands to further its Zionist agenda. Israel is responsible for the continuous uprooting of an entire population from their indigenous homeland for the last three thousand years and accordingly could never be expected to deliver justice on its own perpetrators of human suffering, manifested by the IDF, the Mossad and all the other criminal machines the International Zionist Establishment uses to impose its unholy will on the entire world (look back at the record of the many hundreds of international leaders, British military brass, and innocent victims of Zionist aggression and occupation, including Rachel Corrie, the famed American advocate, who was killed in Gaza on March 16, 2003, whose relatives are still seeking justice for her annihilation by an IDF American provided Caterpillar bulldozer). As for the phosphorous bombs, Sabra and Shatilla and the many techniques that have come to symbolize Israeli aggression, God himself has shown his wrath in more ways than one against those who insist on crossing the moral divide between good and evil, even when it is through the misuse of His Good Name.