Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Senseless Carnage Must be Stopped!

When Moslems Are No Longer Moslems
By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Many Moslems are quick to acknowledge that the religion of Islam left no stone unturned when giving the appropriate regulatory rules of conduct that governs the relations of not only Moslems and non-Moslems, but Moslems amongst themselves as well. Most Moslems are ready to also confess that the appalling spate of murders and bloodshed that have characterized many areas of the Moslem World recently are indefensible and inexcusable, when put to the test against Islamic belief and jurisdictional rules. Even those who erroneously call themselves Moslems and are known to be in one way or another behind such gruesome displays of sadistic behavior would never allow being associated with such indiscriminate killings of defenseless Moslems and non-Moslems. Even these deviates recognize that such morbid behavior is indeed anathema to Islamic teachings. In fact most truly devout Moslems are at a loss in finding anything in Islamic teachings that justify these indisputably horrendous violations of clearly set out rules of Moslem conduct. There is no question in the observer's mind that such deviates of fundamental Islamic teachings are deliberately seeking to distort proper Islamic conduct. This is more than just a result of a gross misunderstanding of Islamic dogma and jurisdictional teachings. Such would not be enough to explain the unusually strong institutional organization, political support and considerable financial resources that are clearly giving such degenerate so called Moslems relative ease to carry out their heinous crimes on an international scale.
The fact must be clearly pointed that all these gory displays of undeservedly torn bodies in worship houses or in markets or in hospitals have no legitimacy jurisdictionally or behaviorally. To put it simply, there is no pretext in Islamic legal text that would ever suggest that this is part and parcel of Islamic teachings. On the contrary, the Holy Qur'an, the sayings and examples attributed to the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon his soul) and his devout disciples and early followers (the real "good" Salafis) all render such unholy crimes as anathema to Islam and would strongly suggest that their perpetrators would undoubtedly be damned to hell! These are what may be considered as indisputable Moslem doctrine. Any so called Moslems who fail to uphold the sanctity of innocent human lives has deservedly cast themselves outside the fold of proper believing Moslems and faithful Moslems should be the first to reject such madness as being in line with any Islamic beliefs or statutes.
On the other hand, any true believing Moslem would not be oblivious to the fact that there is no meaningful purpose whatsoever from any "Islamic" viewpoint that can be used to make such behavior justifiable. Such behavior has done more harm to Islam than all the Crusades and wars that have been waged against Islam since the emergence of Islam as a "mercy to mankind" as portrayed by the greatest social reformer of all times, the Prophet Mohammed (PBAUH). Moreover, how can one find any service to Islam being fulfilled by such gory sadism, when for the most part its victims are actually innocent Moslems in worship or meditation? Sectarian differences have never been cause for bloodshed amongst Moslems until these deviates were allowed to implant their satanic corruptions of Islamic teachings amongst a vast following of misguided so called "Islamic" youth scientifically reared to carry out such heinous crimes. This only arose in the last couple of centuries when so called Wahhabi or incorrectly labeled Salafi dogma was given a chance to be propagated amongst misbred Moslems, who have lost all sense of themselves and of understanding of the true teachings of their faith. There is no way that Islam could ever sanction that a Moslem pack explosives all around his body and cause himself and those explosives to kill and maim hundreds of unarmed innocent human beings of any faith, let alone followers of Islam. There is no precedence to this in any behavior of our faithful predecessors who worked diligently and earnestly to insure that Islam is indeed always shown as a mercy to mankind. It was only because of this display of proper Moslem conduct that Islam was able to spread throughout the world, without ever having to be imposed on any population.
Therefore, it is imperative that Moslems be the first to make it clear that all this bloody madness one is now seeing in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, etc, and which has also been seen in many non-Moslem countries before (New York, Spain, India, etc) is not the work of "Moslem extremists". The people behind such gross bloodletting are no more than murderers and corruptors of genuine Islamic doctrine. Islam is completely innocent of them. They are clearly a part of an obvious systematic and well organized deliberate effort to distort Islamic teachings. It would be misleading to lob the adjective "Moslem" on them. The time has come for all truly faithful Moslems of both Sunni and Shia affiliation to work arduously to defame and declare its sponsors, perpetrators and organizers as the real enemies of Islam. They are the hypocrites, of which the Qur'an clearly states, speaking to the Prophet Mohammed (PBAUH), and hence his followers: "They are the ENEMY! So be cautious of them!" [The Holy Quran, Al-Munafiquon (the Hypocrites)]

Yemen Times
Issue 1336
February 8, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breaking News fromI Sa'ada: The Cease Fire Is On

By: Hassan Al-Haifi

Both President Ali Abdulla Saleh, President of the Republic of Yemen and Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, leader of the Houthis in the Governorate of Sa'ada have ordered their respective combatants (the Yemeni Army and the Houthi fighters) to cease fire as of 12:00 midnight last night. Both sides will remain stagnant for a while to see how will the cease fire holds and then carry out the remaining measures in the agreed truce. These include removal of road blocks, opening of roads and demilitarizing the access roads, government and public buildings, etc.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sykes – Picot 2010

In Yemen and Elsewhere: We Simply Let It Be

A very dear friend of mine (A Roamer of the World – as I call him) from the university days of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck (NJ) Campus sent me the following observation on the London meeting of last week on Yemen, which I would like to share with my good readers, as it came:

"near the former colonial offices
the major powers conferred:
what is to be done to deter
exploding underpants?
the south arabian gibraltar
could join the commonwealth
[dredge the harbour, chase pirates
practice amphibious landings on socotra]
each press release emphasized the theme
'not a failed state but a failing government'
a necessary disclaimer before pursuing
a lesser evil"

Christopher Seymour

My answer to Chris, who is the only one of the many friends I had at that time, who actually made it to this now Arabia Infelix, was as follows (with a feeling of nostalgia for the idealism filled days that arose out of the hip culture of the Seventies in the good old USA:

Nice to hear from you again with a delightful short treatise on the fallacy of our programmed lives by people who never give a damn about how much human suffering their interests must be served by just so they can satisfy their rotten egos and live high on the hog at the expense of nine-tenths of the population of the world. Twenty nations met to work out the future of Yemen, without even asking anyone in Yemen just what the hell is going on in this God-forsaken land?

Tyranny and oppression have once again been rewarded and the victims of it all have been told once again, go to hell!

We really had a whole different vision of what the world ought to have been like in the Seventies and almost believed nothing could stop us from making it so real. Naiveté surely overtook us! It is not that they outwitted us. We simply believed that evil would never find any grounds to be entrenched in anymore. We were fooled by the beauty of our dreams and overwhelmed by the goodness of our aspirations. We thought for sure we knew what God and all those prophets and philosophers really wanted to make of this world, only to find that we hardly knew ourselves well enough - our strengths have been turned into submissive apathy and non-chalance, while the bad guys of the world were slowly eradicating all desires for goodness in this world.

What do we do? Surrender and let them destroy the beautiful virgin island of Socotra? Hell no! We got to believe in ourselves again, otherwise God will forsake us for our reluctance to maintain our self proclaimed honorable mission. We must uphold goodness, fairness, equality and justice in their rightful position in our hearts and minds. Oh sure, it is not our fault, since the power in our voices slackened with our content with letting the heavy sounds of rock music and electric blues assure us that we have reached the fulfillment we should strive for. May the Lord forgive us!
For now the only consolation we have is the knowledge that God could never be on their side! Even if we have lost the momentum desired of us, and the guts to call a spade a spade, humanity's destiny must end at the end of the rainbow we pictured in our vision. If that is not God's will, then what the hell are we here for?
Keep the faith - we must be sure that we are right and they are dead wrong!

Yemen Times Issue 1334
February 1, 2010