Monday, October 26, 2009

The Humanitarian Situation in Sa’ada: By All Standards, Unforegivable

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
October 26, 2009
The Humanitarian Situation in Saada
By All Standards, Unforgivable

(Photos courtesy of UNHCR)
It is simply deplorable that 23 million people should sit idle and apathetic while a sizable number of their Yemeni brothers, sisters and children have no shelter over their heads, stand to lay down for the night with their stomachs empty of any nourishment to keep them warm on these cold mountain winter nights or even blankets to keep that cold away from their shivering cold pale skins. No way can the Al-Mighty be forgiving of a people who have been blinded by the fairy tales of politicians and thugs, who have forgotten that they will be accountable eventually to their people for not fulfilling the minimum requirements of the Social Contract they have forcefully captured from their people. Never mind that the latter’s capture of the reigns of authority is not driven by any sense of national responsibility or even care as for the social welfare of the people they have held it upon themselves to be divinely blessed with the right of perpetual authority over their necks. On the contrary, it has become apparent as the decades go by that the people of this land are the last thing in the frigid minds of these thugs and war lords. It is the latter, who have filled the valleys and plateaus of this once happy country with the blood of its very own people, using the very resources that God Al-Mighty has bestowed upon the people of Yemen to further their livelihoods. How can one remain silent when even the icons of the Arab cinema ( are absolutely appalled by the unforgivable plight of the IDPs (internally displaced persons of the Saada War. How can a government that allows its people to face such inhumane conditions have any credibility among the international community, let alone among the rest of its own people, who themselves are the victims of the most horrible manifestations of governance in existence today. When the ICRC – or the International Committee of the Red Cross - (which is supposedly working in partnership with the Yemeni Red Cross – a supposedly local civil society organization under the tight control of the political security organization, as most of the so called civil society organizations that are supposed to safeguard the public interest are) is complaining that its much appreciated humanitarian work is being hampered by local government red tape, intentional obstacles or Saudi Arabian Government reluctance, the observer cannot help but wonder in awe: “What has this world really come to?”.

It is no mystery to the observer that there are now close to 200,000 IDPs (why the number remains stuck at 150,000 – which is the same number at the end of Round V – is in itself a mystery most of whom are out of the care of any reasonably acceptable humanitarian assistance and a substantial number of whom are on the borderline of death from the menacing negligence of government officials, fed by greed, selfishness and sheer contempt for any sense of human justice.

Time and again, most of the people and pens of conscience of Yemen and elsewhere have sought to remind the President of the Republic, Ali Abdullah Saleh, that it is he who can restore some semblance of sanity to those, who are seeking to tarnish his record with incompetence, repression and misgovernment and all the ugly traits that have made this country the classic example of failure in governance in all manifestations of public administration. Moreover, it is the President who will in the end be accountable to history and the Lord Al-Mighty for every transgression that arises in his administration of affairs of state.
It should also not be forgotten that anyone here and abroad, who views all the melancholy of governance one is witnessing coming out of Sana’a, and the tragedy unfolding in Saada are bound to be also accountable to history and to their siblings for the inexcusable apathy they displayed as this tragedy in Saada continues to unfold.

The sooner this war in Saada comes to an end, not necessarily as others want it, but in a way that reminds us that the Yemeni Government understands the awesome responsibility it shoulders under the Social Contract, the better for all concerned, especially those who insist on not relinquishing any of the tight helms of authority at their disposal, led by the President of the Republic himself.
Yemen Times Issue 1306, October 26, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

For Israel: It Is A Changing World Indeed

By Hassan Al-Haifi

The most unusual phenomenon cannot be overlooked these days as the forces of evil and human domination seek to impress upon us that their logic is the only acceptable logic even if it defies all acceptable norms to humankind. This is the case with the International Zionist Establishment and its right wing backers throughout the world. Never mind that the latter have brought the entire world to a state of ridiculous disharmony and confusion over the last century; death is all right as long as it serves their cause. What that cause is, is not really relevant. All that matters is that it satisfies their lustful whims for power and domination and fills their pockets with the spoils of the toils of others. Never mind that they have forgotten that this world is made for all to enjoy and to reflect God's righteous will and testament. It does not mean that the Promised Land is a free turf to be meted out to the worst of mankind to spoil its spiritual aura and impose their dogma of hate, repression, chauvinism and sheer arrogance on the entire region, directly or indirectly. This is how the Zionist Establishment of this world view Palestine. The IZE will serve contempt on anyone who dares to speak his conscience and his mind on the horrors of this criminal establishment even if the IZE seeks to destroy any hope of humankind living in peace and harmony and ending all reasons for human conflict. On the contrary, this Zionist Establishment seeks to twist all the truth that mankind should be entitled to know and impose a world reality that is to their liking and in conformity to their lustful inclinations, as evil and gorily bloody as these inclinations maybe. They will twist the words and tell one that Semitism entails only what applies to them or its anti-thesis, anti-Semitism is directed against them. If that was not enough they will tell one that even if God-fearing conscientious Jews of the likes of Judge Goldstone, Jennifer Lowenstein, Rabbi Weiss and so many others state Zionism is not in harmony with human instinct, they shall decide what is best fort all Jews and non-Jews alike. Even if the likes of Uri Avenery (author of Israel without Zionism) dares to condemn the evil doings of this Zionist Establishment, whether in the Holy Land or elsewhere in this world, they must be prepared to be labeled misfits and criminal outcasts that deserve to be crucified 9 meters high for their blasphemous sayings against the Chosen People who are giving deeds of authority and a mandate to reek havoc anywhere, if it serves the Zionist cause. So many other Jews and Gentiles have sought to point out that there are limits to human greed and arrogance, no matter what clout it covers itself with. Ask Rachel Corrie what a Zionist tractor-shovel did to her for trying to say: "You can't destroy people's homes to be able to steal their land!" They answered rather mercilessly: "Yes we can and we will destroy you along the way as well". They even had the audacity of mockingly calling Rachel a pancake for laughs [For "promoting Israel, and Zionism" and "presenting Israel's side of the conflict," LGF (Little Green Footballs, a por Zionist blog, which called Rachel a pancake) won the "Best Israel Advocacy Blog" award from the Jerusalem Post in 2005]. These inhumane degenerates have no place in this Earth, if we are to see a brighter world for our children. Other Gentile victims of this hatemongering include the late President of the United States, Jimmy Carter who they have forgotten had given the Israelis Camp David and of course one cannot forget the authors of the Israel Lobby study, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, who to this day are the targets of witch hunting tactics as can only employed by the AIPAC crowd in Washington and other academic and political circles.
Just read some of the hoax that this ugly demonic establishment seeks to make of the truly conscientious effort of Judge Goldstein and his United Nations Commission on the Gaza Raid by the Israeli Military late last year, early this year. The first one that hit me as classic twisting and turning of the facts as only the IZE could put on print; "Goldstone report: the rebuttal". It can be found here: ( and it is just amazingly Zionist that one would rather not add any further comments lest the English language become saturated with innuendos and uglyspeech (a new 1984 syntax phrase) as only the Zionist Establishment could come up with. This is how the rebuttal characterized the Commission: "The UN commission was composed of professional human rights advocates, none of whom were experienced in military or anti-terrorism realities. To cover that glaring gap, the commission included one Colonel Travers, a human rights activist with no meaningful wartime experience." Of course by such a saying, the rebuttal authors are telling us that they have all the experience and expertise in the world and are in a position to tear down any heavenly sent mission sent to deliver the world from Zionist intrigue and chauvinism. To these people, who is Rabbi Weiss, Jennifer Lowenstein, Judge Goldstone and anyone who dares to speak such things as truth, facts and show all the pictures and videos that confirm every word in their report?
In addition we have this great taste of hogwash: "The Goldstone commission takes for an axiom a highly debatable point that “Israel continues to be duty-bound under the Fourth Geneva Convention… to ensure the supply of foodstuff, medical and hospital items and others to meet the humanitarian needs of the population of the Gaza Strip without qualification (page 10).” Despite certain unresolved technicalities, Israel ended her occupation of Gaza four years ago, and like any other sovereign state is under no obligation to open her borders for cargo transit to any other country." Israel is never under any obligation to do anything it does not want to do! That is permanent Israeli logic. Never mind that all the entrances to Gaza are controlled by the devilish IDF and never mind that the Israeli Navy or Coast Guard prevented all humanitarian assistance from reaching Gaza from the sea, to which Gaza has a sizable outlet. This observer suffices with this leaving the rest to the reader to pass judgment on the most dangerous criminal establishment that has reigned in this Earth. One should however point out the sadness that our very own Mahmoud Abbass, PLO Chairman, the Saudi Government and many others on "our side" stressed for delay against any further action by the United Nations for immediate criminal proceedings as requested by the Commission against the violators of human rights indicated in the Goldstone Report. How sad that our very own are driven by their own greed for money, power without popular mandate and sheer impotence